How to Set Up a Visit:

An appointment must be made to visit CFA—please, don’t just stop by. We want to be able to prepare for your visit and provide an excellent experience for you. Visiting CFA is available on set dates in February and March for CHEC and other interested homeschoolers who would like to see what we do and to learn more about what CFA has to offer.

We do require a visit from non-CHEC members if they believe they will join CHEC with the intention to pursue membership in CFA. If the interested person is not a member of CHEC, she will need to let us know through a request from Contact Us.  Anyone (CHEC member or not) interested in obtaining more information about CFA should contact us through the website or email. The information will be passed along to the CFA registration captain or principal so that she may contact the prospective visitor.

A discussion prior to the visit will cover philosophy, typical days, and general requirements that may affect lifestyle, to help the potential member determine if they want to continue to pursue CFA, learning more through time spent on location. A visit will be set up as the next step.

The CFA visit usually lasts half of the school day. Children must be left at home unless they are considering joining the CFA Jr. /Sr. High as a High School Junior or Senior. We do allow these older students to attend the visit, but only with prior approval. In cases with older students, it is initially discussed with the potential adult member if an initial visit with or without children would be best. Usually, someone new to the workings of our co-op will want to focus on an information gathering visit before the potential Jr. / Sr. High student visits. A second visit including Jr. /Sr. age students kids could follow after the family has sufficient understanding of the co-op.

During a student visit, the potential student is matched up with buddies to shadow them and meet kids their age and class levels. The visiting students may visit classes with or without parents. (The parents do stay on the premises.) They are given a determined schedule based on their interests, questions, and needs previously discussed , which allows them to visit different types of classes, eat lunch, play sports, etc. alongside their potential peers. After the visit, a follow up contact will be made by the registration captain or the floor principal to determine how the family would like to proceed in regard to CHEC membership if needed and CFA registration.