Registration Calendar



APRIL 15th – MAY 31

Current members will receive registration info via email.   Registration papers will also be available to download from the members’ area of the website on April 15th.

For more information regarding CHEC membership or if you are considering attending CFA during the 2015/2016 school year, please send in a request via the ‘contact us’ tab.

CHEC membership is available to new members all year-you can join any time!  Each membership year normally begins in June (membership is prorated if a family joins after January 1) and runs through the following May.

Currently membership is a one-time-yearly fee of $75.00 during early bird registration and $90.00 during regular registration which covers the entire family until the May expiration.  Once the CHEC forms and fees have been returned and processed, the family’s membership is current.

Everyone who joins CHEC serves CHEC in some capacity. Signing up to serve within CHEC is an expected/ required part of the registration.

New members will also receive a login password. This will allow them to the “members only” areas of the website, the hub of the co-op.

Potential new members will be contacted by the Registrar for clarification of responsibilities, discussion of expectations, and to answer any questions. All members are expected to sign a core values page and must be homeschooling at least one child as per the Definition of Homeschooling.*

Ohio School Notification Form—both are parts of the registration application. Members of CHEC may participate in all activities of CHEC. Sometimes age, cost, and gender restrictions apply.