What if I want to join?

It is important that CFA principals spend time in conversation with a perspective CFA family to determine how best to advise them. The principal(s) from the area(s) your child would attend will spend some time with you on the phone to discuss your situation specifically.

It is also important to remember that CFA fills very quickly. Registration occurs April 15th to April 30th. Those who have been involved in winter development will be given priority. We take returning students first, siblings of returning students next, then CHEC families who hadn’t previously been in CFA, then new families who have shown interest and involvement. We usually already have a waiting list before registration begins. We cannot take every student who applies.

Families must first join CHEC in order to be processed for CFA. It may take two weeks for the administration to process the CHEC application. CHEC and CFA membership forms should be mailed to the CHEC P.O. Box concurrently.


For Planning Purposes

CFA registration occurs April 15th through April 30th.  Usually we have a waiting list, so those contacting us beyond mid-April will typically find we are full.

It is important to us that families considering CFA be involved as early as February.

If you would like to be reminded in winter that our planning for the following year’s CFA will begin soon, please make that known through the Contact Us. Your name, email, and general information will be put on a mailing list. We will contact you through email in late January with a reminder.