When and where does CFA meet?

     Beginning June 1, 2017, CFA will no longer provide classes.

How many classes are offered through CFA?

     Each level is different. The Ark has 3-5 classes that change with the age level in difficulty and expectations. Elementary offers between18-25 classes. Not every class is available to each age group or gender. Generally the classes are divided by 1st-3rd and 4th-6th, and sometimes the classes are for all girls or all boys. The Jr. / Sr. High offers about 35-40 classes. Again, these are spread over several grade levels.

How much does it cost to join CFA?

    First a family must be CHEC members in order to register for CFA. Each family is charged a rental fee (approximately $145.00) and a per student registration fee ($5.00) at registration. Each family also pays class fees which vary. These fees are set by the teachers to cover the cost of copies and consumable materials needed to teach the class, such as lab kits. Estimated fees are given in the class descriptions provided during registration.

What if my child is in different grade levels?

    We realize homeschool kids can end up all over the map academically. We  don’t ask parent to assign a grade; we list levels to assist in choosing classes.

Do the kids wear uniforms?

    No, the kids dress like average kids, but modesty is stressed.

If I’m serving in CFA, do I have to serve in CHEC too?

    Yes, this is why we can keep our costs so low. We do try to consider the whole picture when service is assigned: the size and ages of families, the circumstances of our members, interests and experience, and whether the family is new or not.

May I visit CFA?

   Yes, opportunities for prospective parents to visit/tour CFA are schedule in February and March each year.  An appointment is required to do so.  Under our CFA Registration tab, you will find information on setting up a visit.

What If I have more Questions about CFA?

    You may contact us through the Contact Us tab. Please note that the question is about CFA particularly. If you are interested in visiting, and in possibly joining, please let us know.

What if I want to join?

   It is important that we spend time in conversation to determine whether CFA is the right fit for your family. The principal from the area(s) your child would attend would spend some time with you on the phone to discuss your situation specifically.

It is also important to remember that CFA fills very quickly. Registration occurs in mid-April. Those who have been involved in winter class development will be given priority. We take returning students first, siblings of returning students next, then CHEC families who hadn’t previously been in CFA, and finally new families who have shown interest and involvement. We usually already have a waiting list before registration begins. We cannot take every student who applies.