Go Groups

The Activity Department’s Go-groups are a great asset offered by our members for the benefit of all CHEC members.

These go-groups are not just ways to meet the ever controversial and over worked “socialization” issue. They provide terrific opportunity to build your child’s portfolio, and they provide experiences for everyone in the family, experiences that come through group learning, teams, support, and friendships.

Each family serves CHEC as part of their dues. Running or helping with a go-group is a way to do that. Go-groups start when members begin to think about their family’s needs or special interests, how experiences outside of their homeschool could extend or enhance their learning or parenting experience, and how others could join in to help and benefit as well.

With just a few families’ input and coordination, a group of students or parents can be assembled to provide for whatever the group need is—the sky is the limit!

Activities can be used to supplement existing academic activities without duplicating them, fill in perceived gaps in a program, or meet a special interest or need for family members of all ages.