What activities does CHEC offer its members?

CHEC has numerous opportunities for all ages. Most of our Activities are categorized into three departments: Field Trips, Events,  and Go-Groups. Each of these Activity sub-groups offers multiple opportunities for our families to interact through service and participation. Some of our activities have been a regular component of our CHEC group agenda for years, happily anticipated by our members annually. Some activities are new or change each season as needs, leaders, and occasions vary.

Field Trips are open to all CHEC members. The web is used to announce and direct families to participate through sign up and information. Discounts and special interactions are often made available to CHEC through our group participation.

Events are a once a year activity. We have frequent events with the agenda of bringing  the group together in social, academic, and encouraging settings. Each event is run by a committee which has worked as a small group to present the experience for the enjoyment of the co-op.

Go-Groups are diverse, meeting and growing opportunities for our students and families. A go-group may meet through the entire year as weekly or monthly gatherings, for a season, or for just a few weeks. Each group is unique. It may be a class, club, sport, fellowship, etc.  Most groups will meet during the academic year, but some continue through, start up, or are active only in the summer.