About CHEC


CHEC, which stands for Christian Home Educators Co-operative, is a Christian-worldview based co-operative. CHEC provides countless opportunities for home-schooling students and their families to come together on a regular basis for support, mutual educational benefits, information, and a wide range of activities. CHEC offers home-schooled students a venue to meet other homeschoolers their ages through social, academic, and athletic programs. We are governed and directed by an elected and appointed Stewardship Team. Our “Administration Manual”, consisting of a Constitution: Bylaws and Articles of Foundation; and our Operations Manual: Policies and Procedures and other documents of order, is used to organize and regulate the group with fairness and stability.
CHEC consists of families with different lifestyles and teaching styles from the greater Akron area and beyond. Membership in CHEC is available to Christian Families who homeschool *, at least one child, in the traditional sense of homeschooling. CHEC is designed the assist homeschoolers and their families. *Homeschooling Defined: Families who have been excused from compulsory education, as described in the Ohio Administrative Code 3301-34 or 3301-35-08. These students are not recognized as homeschooled by CHEC and are not included in membership: Children enrolled in a public school, private school, public school operating through the home, “cyber school”, publicly funded e-school, charter school, virtual academy, or any other publicly-funded community school, are participating in compulsory education as clarified in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3314.041.
We exist to assist families through fellowship, information, shared knowledge and experience, group discounts, support, and activities of all kinds. The group allows homeschoolers access to a larger pool of knowledge and ideas from which to learn and for the assistance of others. Although the Akron area contains quite a number of homeschool families, it’s easy to live independently as homeschoolers and sometimes feel isolated or overwhelmed. Our co-op gives multiple opportunities for individual families to meet with other homeschooler regularly, share burdens and blessings, and build relationships.
The co-op meets at various locations. We are joined through the “information highway” of our website. Department Stewards work with committees to set up and/or coordinate opportunities for connection between members. Families meet in homes, churches, parks, at fieldtrip locations, and many other settings throughout the Akron area.
CHEC offers opportunity for fellowship anytime, all year long, but mostly during the academic year, September through May. Visit the Activities and CFA parts of the website if interested in more information on what is offered. Visit the Registration part of the website if interested in more membership information.
CHEC is a volunteer co-op. Each family pays dues through financial and service compensation. The gifting of each member adds to the blend in some form or another. Everyone brings their own skills, talents, and efforts to the group; we all grow as enriching experiences open to all of us.